The Augeo Foundation: Tackling Child Abuse

A business approach was the key to making a national impact to identify and reach vulnerable children.

The Owls team met one afternoon with Gemma Kobessen and Mariëlle Dekker of the Augeo Foundation. They are a new charity with a broad vision, original concept and a wide-ranging strategy, seeking to force breakthroughs in tackling child abuse and neglect in the Netherlands. In confronting a difficult topic, they have shown how to analyse it, how to develop new public-private partnerships and educational programmes, while continually monitoring their impact and effectiveness. Their platform includes a concept and strategy for new partnerships, and a range of educational activities including a magazine and innovative e-learning modules targeted at professionals in medicine, education and social work. The Augeo Foundation has already made a demonstrable impact on how these professionals fulfil their responsibilities. While there has been a large increase in incident reporting, many challenges remain. Their innovative approach can be applied to many other sectors and may be introduced in other countries.

An extract from The Augeo Foundation: Tackling Child Abuse, with Gemma Kobessen and Mariëlle Dekker in Breakthrough: From Innovation to Impact, Volume 1.

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