The Owls Breakthrough Method© is a conceptual way of thinking about innovations and breakthrough processes that can be applied generically.

An example of the application of our method is in the field of healthcare in collaboration with VitaValley: Iedereen beter. Een toolbox voor zorginnovatie. 

Accelerate and scale up innovations
Healthcare needs to be innovated and VitaValley realised the importance of innovation for the sector when calling on The Owls for help. But how? How does one succesfully implement innovations and improve healthcare? How do you forge production coalitions? Which capabilities can professionals develop in such a process? Hoe do you maximise the impact of the innovation? VitaValley wanted to benefit from The Owls’ experience  and knowledge to help answer those questions. The Owls  Breakthrough Method© as described in our Breakthrough publications combined with strategic advice from The Owls resulted in an approach of seven steps to succesfully develop and implement innovations in healthcare. Each step is recorded and illustrated using two or more tools. The tools book is meant for managers, policy makers, staff and professionals who want to make sure their innovations have impact.

About VitaValley
VitaValley is an open and independent platform aimed at accelerating and scaling up innovations. VitaValley improves health and well-being in the Netherlands by implementing digital applications that lead to breakthroughs in self-management and independence. They focus primarily on innovations at system level that lead to social impact. The VitaValley Academy aims to share knowledge and spread impovements using Iedereen Beter. A toolbox for Innovation in Healthcare.

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