The Owls Breakthrough Method© is based on practical research. This method gives you a structural framework for your innovation process from start to finish.

It is a conceptual way of thinking about innovation and breakthrough processes that can be generically applied to as well as used for various purposes, from analyses to general management and governance. 

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Characteristics of The Owls Breakthrough Method© and the tools

• Practical method to structure processes therefore contributing to substantial discussions. 
• Identifies generic factors which create transparency and eliminate complexity. 
• Enables a helicopter view. 
• Bridges the gap between the strategic and operational level. 
• Enables impact to be measured and uses an analytical tool that includes both qualitative and quantitative aspects. 
• Makes it possible to draft an integrated concept and masterplan, leading to integrated planning and execution which in the end results in impact.

The Owls Breakthrough Dynamic Concept ©

The dynamic steering instrument The Owls Breakthrough Dynamic Concept © translates the ideas that you have developed into phases that are required to achieve the desired impact. It is right at the centre of The Owls Breakthrough Method©. It is the key element of analyses and change. It connects the general outlines of the elements that you need to succeed. In other words: the concept is what your masterplan is based on and provides essential input for your vision, strategy and execution. It translates thinking into doing. 

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Our books

These fascinating case studies and interviews reveal how innovations and breakthroughs succes or fail. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are now available

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