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Innovations are not just the life blood of modern society, they are also crucial for long-term success of organisations. What are the actual factors that determine success of failure of an innovation or breakthrough?

The Owls did thorough international and multidisciplinary research into the factors that determine success and failure using daily practice as a basis. Research was concducted at Mayo Clinic, Unilever, Augeo and Responsibility to Protect (United Nations) amongst others. It shows that there are common characteristics, called ‘generic factors’ by The Owls, which determine the success or failure of an innovation or breakthrough independent of geographical location, area of operation or type of activity.

This research resulted in inspiring lessons for present and future generations of innovators which we published in our Breakthrough-serie. Based on this, we developed an integrated management method.

Innovations can bring about breakthroughs in your company or organisation, ensuring your of staying relevant in the future and being able to make lasting impact. Want to know how we can make our knowledge and experience work for you? contact us.

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These fascinating case studies and interviews reveal how innovations and breakthroughs succes or fail. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are now available

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