Which mechanisms constitute the basis for a successful innovation or breakthrough? 

Our international and multidisciplinary research The Owls Project at Mayo Clinic, Unilever, Augeo and Responsibility to Protect among others, shows that there are common characteristics. These so called ‘generic factors’ determine the success or failure of an innovation or breakthrough. This research also shows that companies that score top rates in innovation cannot do this without a structured end process. 

The conclusions of The Owls Project led to the publication of the 26 internationa case studies in Breakthrough: From Innovation to Impact (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) and the development of our method: The Owls Breakthrough Method©. This method pairs generic factors with phases of a process. The method provides the structure for implementing an innovation process to achieve successful innovations and thus real impact. In one method policy and execution, board member and professional are all connected.

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These fascinating case studies and interviews reveal how innovations and breakthroughs succes or fail. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are now available

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