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Publisher: The Owls Foundation
Editor: Henk van den Breemen
ISBN: 978-90-823208-0-0
Publication date: 2016

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Breakthrough From Innovation to Impact

Volume 1

In a turbulent and fast-changing world we need innovations and breakthroughs to advance our wellbeing and achieve a sustainable society.

Together with our international network of leaders, entrepreneurs and scholars, we present a wide range of case studies in which we examine the mechanisms that lead to genuine breakthroughs. We look at the worlds of business, philanthropy, diplomacy, economics, investing, geopolitics, media, agriculture, logistics, technology and healthcare.

These fascinating studies and interviews reveal how innovations and breakthroughs succeed or fail.

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Henk van den Breemen (Chair), Douglas Murray, Benjamin Bilski, Maarten Verkerk


Ab Klink, Ahmed Al Sheikh, Ahmed Qurie (Abu Ala’a), Alan McKinnon, Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, Arne Solli, Benjamin Bilski, Bill Owens, Bob Low, Cees van Riel, Colum Gorman, Denis Cortise, Dirk Barth, Francis Deng, François Chabannes, Frits Bolkestein, Gemma Kobessen, Gert Rosenthal, Gert van Dijk, Haakon Bruun Hanssen, Hassan Rachidi, Henk Polinder, Herman Schaper, Horst Teltchik, Jacques Lanxade, Jeroen van den Veer, Jim Blaker, John Groffen, John Noseworthy, Klaus Naumann, Maarten Verkerk, Mariëlle Dekker, Martha Bejar, Martijn Dadema, Martin Colyer, Mohamed Krishene, Moustafa Souag, Nathalie Landman, Nick LaRusso, Nigel Inkster, Nils Wang, Paul Baan, Paulo Ribeiro, Peter Inge, Pieter de Rijcke, Roel Kuiper, Shelly Plutovski, Shimon Peres, Shirley Weiss, Simon Adams, Sverre Diesen, Theo Bosters, William Pace, Wim Post


Johanna Noom


The Owls Cooperative (Coöperatieve) U.A.
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The Netherlands


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