The Silent Revolution in Agriculture: The Law of Wageningen

Despite its relatively tiny size, the Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter of agricultural products.

“This chapter is about the national, regional and global influence of the concepts of agricultural optimisation developed at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. This concept, known as the ‘Law of Wageningen’, combines key insights from 19th-century German agricultural science with Dutch traditions of cooperation and research. It is a scientific concept that has been developed and continually refined since the 1960s, where the key insight is that the optimum of a biological process is also the economic optimum per unit of production. If your goal is to feed a planet, with minimum input, maximum output, minimal pollution and minimal animal pain, then the Law of Wageningen is the only way. This concept of agricultural optimisation has evolved in changing environments and the silent revolution is the breakthrough of its deep influence and impact. The story of the universal science of Wageningen emerges from the Dutch experience.”

An extract from The Silent Revolution in Agriculture by Gert van Dijk and Benjamin Bilski in Breakthrough: From Innovation to Impact.

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