Innovations in Global Logistics

A look at the most important innovations in logistics since the Second World War, starting with containerisation, which transformed shipping and ports and has led to some of the largest vessels the world has ever seen.

In this chapter we consider the trends and innovations in modern logistics, from its origins in military history to the 21st century, to examine an often-overlooked area upon which civilisation depends. We present a brief historical overview of key developments in modern logistics to the state of the art today. We highlight recent innovations and developments that enable unprecedented levels of value and efficiency in our era of consumer-driven markets. We also focus on three case studies of businesses that reflect these trends. This book includes several chapters in which logistics plays a key role, agriculture, healthcare delivery and the impact of the cyber domain. This chapter focuses on logistics innovations in general, co-authored with one of its leading experts.

An extract from Innovations in Global Logistics by Alan McKinnon and Benjamin Bilski in Breakthrough: From Innovation to Impact, Volume 1.

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