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The Owls Breakthrough Quick Scan©

Sometimes different people work on different levels in the organisation, which results in different outcomes. The challenge is to get all stakeholders on all levels aligned to work towards a successful implementation of an innovation or breakthrough process. Would you like a quick assessment of how your organisation really values innovative processes? Then use this free online assessment tool.

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The Owls Breakthrough Analysis©

- Do you believe that innovation with impact is crucial for the long-term success of your company?
- Do you really want to give sustainable innovation top priority? 
- Is your organisation committed to implementing breakthrough processes and other innovations?
- Do you want to define your innovation strategy? 

Then The Owls Breakthrough Analysis © is your ‘to go’ tool! With this tool your entire organisation is involved. It analyzes the business attitude towards innovation or breakthrough process instead of the personal attitude as measured in The Owls Breakthrough Quick Scan©.

What’s in it for you?
This tool can be applied to both future, current and completed innovation projects. It measures and analyses whether your innovation project has potential to succeed, is on schedule or has achieved the desired impact. Measurement is based on the nine generic factors from The Owls Breakthrough Method© giving structure to your innovation process for a successful implementation. It will assist in achieving or monitoring your defined result or impact with The Owls Breakthrough Modelling Dashboard©.

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The Owls Breakthrough Modeling Dashboard©

The Owls Breakthrough Modelling Dashboard© shows the results of The Owls Breakthrough Analysis© in a comprehensive dashboard. This tool can be used in addition to the analysis to steer your innovation process in the desired direction. The generic factors of The Owls Breakthrough Method© act as steering buttons. Each specific generic factor represents a certain function that can be operated as a control and steering mechanisms to help achieve your intended goal.

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The Owls Breakthrough Benchmark©

Would you like to see how your organisation rates compared to other organisations? The Owls Breakthrough Benchmark© tool allows you to do just that. In the extensive database you will find a wide range of anonymised case studies you can use. Your organisation can benefit from the success stories or failures of other organisations. This tool can be used in combination with The Owls Breakthrough Analysis© tool.

Note: this tool is under construction.

Our books

These fascinating case studies and interviews reveal how innovations and breakthroughs succes or fail. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are now available

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