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What is an informal?

• Workshop or meeting by invitation. 
• limited number of participants.
• Aim is to share knowledge and experiences with leaders in a particular field on a particular topic.
• May have the desire of reaching a joint agreement.

What’s in it for you?
• You get to meet a select group of leaders who are working on or dealing with the same subject or challenge as you are;
• You learn from each other or work towards a common goal;
• Participants can present interesting innovative practices, talk about facilitating factors and show-stoppers, share what they have learned on how to deal with a challenging subject or system all aimed at achieving impact.
• Participants in past informals found them insightful and useful for their daily operations.

How does it work?
• Lecture(s) by people from The Owls network and based on The Owls Breakthrough Method©. The workshop can be embedded in a larger conference.
• The informal is hosted in close collaboration with The Owls.

Contact us if you wish to organise an informal.

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